Picking a wedding date sounds like the easiest part of getting married. After all, how hard could it be to find a day that works for everyone? Does “everyone” must include the couple, their friends and families, as well as the venue, the photographer, the caterer, and the list goes on. Additionally, in this social media age, it seems that cutesy, “hashtagable” wedding dates get bonus points.

Let's swap the whole conversation around. Start looking at venues and liking a place. Then, decide on your perfect wedding date and get everything to happen to your schedule. Believe us, this approach creates far less frazzle and overwhelm! When you're celebrating your first, tenth, or even fiftieth wedding anniversary it will feel like the date was always meant to be 😍




"Winter weddings are an excuse to cosy up with your loved one, enjoy a roaring fire, and go all out with rich jewel tones."

Winter days are famously short but as the sun's arc gets lower and lower, we enjoy truly incredible light and shadows which translate to dramatic wedding photos and a unique look. Cloudy days can become incredible sunsets, and the silence of snow can create a dreamscape. Imagine wedding pictures with only you and your new spouse's footsteps!.

Depending on the state you choose (90% of people get married in their home state) you may even benefit from off-peak prices. Worth checking for sure! Consider also the lack of competition. You’re basically guaranteed that you won’t have a friend or family member getting married on the same day. Think of it, a whole season to yourself! 

Winter Wedding Dress



MARCH 20 - JUNE 21

New growth, baby animals and buds on the trees. Spring is all about beginnings. What a wonderful way to mark your new life together!

When choosing a wedding date, you should really sit down and try to picture your wedding. Is it happening with beautiful spring flowers and greenery all around you? If so, a spring wedding might be right for you! 

Spring weddings are great for couples who love flowers and pastels. Garden weddings are a very popular choice while early spring weddings are still considered off-season in colder states, so discounts may be available with certain venues and vendors.




"Everyone loves summer. People are so much happier when summer comes around. It’s the season completely devoted to leisure and good times with the people you love."

Summer wedding dates come with a lot of benefits. You’re more likely to have good weather, people are more likely to have time off from work, school is out for the summer, and the list goes on. The fact is that summer is a convenient and fun time to celebrate love.

Because summer is a popular choice for weddings, it’s also a great idea to consider holding a weekday wedding in summer. Like we said, people have more time off so they’re more likely to be able to come and the competition for your venue’s Saturdays is going to be high! 




"I love the colors, the rain, the sunshine, the chill, the warmth, being cozy, getting cold and the snugness of being inside!"

Fall seems is more and more popular, not just for the best wedding dates, but in general. People get so excited for the weather to cool down, the foliage to change, and the seasonal foods to make an appearance (pumpkin spice, anyone?). The East Coast is known for its fall foliage, making it without-a-doubt, the most beautiful place and time of year for an outdoor wedding. 

When considering scheduling in the fall, there are heaps of advantages. Flights are often less expensive in the fall, and there are few holidays to contend with when planning a fall wedding. However, back-to-school season does keep people busy, so be sensitive to your guests and send out save-the-date cards early.

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When you’re planning to marry the love of your life, there are only good wedding dates. Our team here at Versatile Bridals firmly believes that the date doesn’t matter nearly as much you looking so radiant. With that in mind, we encourage you to check out our wedding dress collection first and then your date.

Think outside the wedding date box to steal the best dates on the calendar!

Just like every wedding date is a good date – every day is a good wedding day! Keep your mind and options open, and you’ll be surprised at how perfect your wedding date feels as you celebrate your anniversary for years to come.

Credit to Wedgewood weddings